How Should Christians Vote?

I’ve not read this book, and so I cannot endorse it. I have no idea whether I would agree or not with everything the author has said.

Still, the fundamental question he asks – “how should Christians vote?” – is one that too few believers are asking. Caught up in allegiance to a party, individual personalities, pet issues, and the day-to-day rancor that defines US politics, I believe that many believers are forgetting their primary allegiance to the King of Kings as they pull the lever in the voting booth.

It seems worthwhile to at least hear what Tony Evans has to say on the subject and consider it for yourselves, especially since you can download a free copy of the audiobook at during the month of October. I will be – look for a review soon.

Here’s a quote from an interview with Mr Evans that may whet your appetite for the material he presents in the book:

“I believe that there are biblical positions on every issue, but no party fully represents all God’s views consistently on all God’s issues. Christians are going to vote differently because they will prioritize issues differently. My concern is that we’ve so aligned ourselves with the parties of this world that we’re missing the kingdom of God. The proof of that is that we’ve let political parties divide the kingdom of God. My illustration regarding referees is simply to say that while they sometimes vote for one team and sometimes vote for another team, they’re obligated ultimately to neither team, because they belong to another kingdom called the NFL. So, we should never let the party divisions interfere with the unity of the church, causing the church to lose its influence in the culture.”

I would love to hear your thoughts on the book, or on the general question about how a Christian should vote. Leave a comment below!

Seeing Clearly (Mark 8)

Sometimes, I’m just a slow learner. Even Pavlov’s dogs learned to associate the ringing of a bell with food coming, but I sometimes miss the connection between things even though I see the same pattern played out in my life over and over again.

The disciples seem to have had that problem too.

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Clean and Unclean (Mark 7)

A repost today.

In Mark 7, Mark recounts the story of the Pharisees challenging Jesus about his disciples having unclean hands, and the story of the Gentile woman who comes to Jesus wanting healing for her daughter.

Here’s what we said as we studied those stories about “clean and unclean” in Matthew 15:

Clean and Unclean (Matthew 15)

You Gotta Have Faith (Mark 6)

Have you ever wished that Jesus would do just one remarkable, undeniable, obvious thing in your life that would help you believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt who he was?


Jesus wants to do remarkable things in our lives. Sometimes we have things a little backwards, though.

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Who is this? (Mark 5)

Starting in Mark 4:35 and going through the end of Chapter 5, Mark relates four stories. Though brief, they paint an amazing picture of incredible things that Jesus is doing. In the first story, Mark shares the question that his disciples were asking:

“Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!” Mark 4:41


By the end of Chapter 5, that question is even more relevant. Below is the quick tour; see what you’re asking by the end.

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Seed Grows (Mark 4)

Last year, I started a bunch of vegetable seeds inside the house in the early spring to later transplant into our garden. I had several of the black trays that each contain multiple pots. I filled each pot with soil – really good, expensive potting soil from the garden center. I then followed up with a seed for each pot – well, mostly I did. You see, each of those pots looked exactly the same after they were filled with dirt. Even after a seed was put in a pot and covered with dirt, it looked the same as all the others. The job was pretty monotonous, and after a while my mind started to wander. From time to time, I’d realize I’d lost track of which pot I put the last seed in. I’d guess at which pot should receive the next seed… and I missed a few.

Funny thing. No matter how good the soil was, nothing grew in the pots that had no seed.

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Who Are My Mother and Brothers? (Mark 3)

There are all kinds of obstacles to ministry. Resource obstacles, like a lack of needed financial resources. External obstacles, like governmental regulations. People are sometimes obstacles, too. Sometimes those are the hardest obstacles to overcome.

Especially when the people who are an obstacle are those closest to us.


Jesus had to face that kind of obstacle in his ministry. Jesus had to make some choices about how to deal with those obstacles, and get on with his ministry.

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The Whole Sweep of Scripture – N.T. Wright

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Why does he speak like that? (Mark 2)

Mark has already told his readers that Jesus is the Son of God, and he’s done a pretty good job of backing that up in what he showed in Chapter 1. John the Baptist pointed the way to him. God himself said Jesus was his son. Even the demons knew who he was and called him the Holy One of God. Then there’s the healing, the authoritative teaching, and the power over the demons.

Not everyone that Jesus encounters accepts who he is, though.

In Mark Chapter 2 and the first part of Chapter 3, there are five stories, all of which show growing opposition. In the course of that opposition, Mark poses another question that we need to consider.

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